EndNote Bibliography ignores page margins and disappears between pages

I have the following problem: the formatting of the EndNote automatic bibliography went kind of crazy. I´ve managed to get the font formatting under control, but the main problem is that the bibliography completely ignores the page margins: it goes from the upper edge of the page to the lower one, and almost 40 lines “disappear” between each page (ctrl + F reveals that the references still do exist, but they “hide” between the pages).
I can manually change the style of the bibliography, and then it looks great, obeys the page margins and all references are visible. But the moment I change/add any of the references, the bibliography updates and it´s all messy again.
Copying the text to a new document doesn´t seem to help either.
This is how it looks like:

Any ideas on that?
Thanks a lot in advance,

Please let us know which version of endnote, which version and word processor, and which output style and is that output style “out of the box” or has it been modified?

This is usually because the bibliography “template” in word, used by endnote, is picking up the format of the last paragraph of your document. – So if make a copy of your documents, and you unformat (to endnote temporary citations, and NOT to plain text) - maybe copy everything except the last paragraph (display all formatting marks, so you can see that backwards P symbol), and then make sure that the last paragraph (for example it isn’t the title “references” - has a trailing paragraph that is clean and no indents, or hanging indents and is “plain”, the bibliography setting of endnote will be applied correctly.

OR where does endnote get the bibliography reference setting?
That can be in the style itself (in endnote) or in the format bibliography (in word). – check those. (in endnote: edit output style>Bibliography “layout” (this is either under tools in Endnote 21 (windows, and probably in Endnote20 too) or Edit menu in X9.3 versions of endnote).

or the word endnote menu, bibliography layout settings. I don’t remember which one overrides the other. I suspect word settings override output style settings. But also don’t see how these two settings would end up altering the page margins settings.

Finally, you are sure they aren’t going into the footer or a footnote having been copied there?

Hi and thanks for the response.
I´m using Endnote 20.
I also suspect some template is being picked up somehow. But the last paragraph is not formatted differentely, and I´ve also tried adding another paragraph with the normal formatting - no help, even if I copy everything into a new document.
I´ve already tried the layout options of course. In Endnote itself I can see the style under tools–>output styles–>edit “style_name”, but it´s all plain font/plain size, and there is no indent/margins option here, so that´s not really helpful. In word of course also via the endnote addin → bibliography layout. Also no good.

I must say this is really a major problem for me.

Any other ideas?

Just back from an extended break from the computer! - is it trying to put it in the footer?