EndNote cannot find my citations in my footnotes

I am a new user to EndNote (I have purchased X3) and cannot figure out how to make EndNote see my citations… here is the issue: I need to make a bibliography for a business article written in Microsoft Word with a bunch of citations in the footnotes.

Here is an example of a citation in one of the footnotes:

Nihon Keizai Shinbun, March 2nd 2006, [www document] http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/keizai/20060302AT2C0103Z01032006.html

Even if I highlight it and right-click and say “Edit Citations,” a message pops up that says “This document does not contain any editable citations. Citations must be formatted to use the Edit Citations Tool.” But if I go to Tools → EndNote, in the menu there is the option “Unformat Citations,” so I CAN’T try formatting them! It keeps telling me that my document has no citations, yet it has plenty! They all are Japanese sources that don’t seem to be in the EndNote database, but I can’t see why this would be a problem seeing as all the citations have already been written out in the footnotes. I don’t know anything about this software, which is why I assume I’m probably missing some obvious step I should be doing. Can anyone help me out? Because EndNote just isn’t finding my citations as they are, meaning I must have to do something for EndNote to see them…


Well, sounds like you are highlighting citations you “manually typed” in your word document. That’s not the way Endnote and referencing jobs work. First, you need to have reference infomation (database) in your Endnote library, that includes author, year, title, sources, etc. Then, you “insert” the citation from Endnote library to your Word document. It will create in-text citation as well as bibliography at the end of your document, or in footnote. When Endnote does the insertion job, it formats the way it is defined by “output style”.

I suggest you to go through the following “Online Tutorial” first, then you’ll understand how it works.