Transfer from Apple Pages to MS Word

A friend who uses Word and Endnote v.5 to write his thesis has asked me to help him edit it (English is his second language).  I agreed and edited an article using my Mac software (Pages '09 v. 4.3).  

After making many suggested changes using “Track Changes” I returned the document to him only for him to discover that his citations, etc in Endnote needed to be reentered.  Obviously, this isn’t a satisfactory solution in the long term.  Is there any way to send an edited document from Pages back to its Word author without losing whatever material Endnotes needs?

Pages supports Endnote but I’ve never needed to use the program myself.

Did your colleague happen to unformat the EndNote citations to convert them to temporary field codes (encased within curly braces)? Or were you sent you a document that displayed the proper in-text citations and bibliography?

If the latter you might test using tracking in Pages on a test document where the EndNote citations were first unformatted then save/export the document as an MS Word document. Then see if your colleague: 1) is able to reformat the EndNote citations (which means the citations remained intact) ; and 2) whether the tracked changes transfer into MS Word.

Thanks very much for that suggestion.  I’ll pass it along to my colleague and give it a try.  Fingers crossed.

I enjoy having a Mac but keep forgetting that there are issues whenever crossing into “enemy” territory  :) and re-engaging with the Windows platform and unfortunately gave my colleague a problem whilst trying to be helpful.

What I have had to do for paper submissions in grad school is compose & cite in Pages…because it is my preferred editor…then export the Word document.  That preserves the formatting that I’ve applied, footnotes and Bibliography.

Then I reformat the Bibliography, Table of Contents, and page numbers in Word.  The problem is that you can’t then go back to Pages with the same document.  I would just make sure you have the content you want in Pages, then the review/markup features in Word will work fine for you in the final.


We have a Knowlege Base article that describes the processes and potential pitfalls of converting from Pages to Word or from Word to Pages here:


If you have additional questions or need any clarifications about anything there, please write again in this thread and we’ll be happy to assist you further. Alternately, you can contact our Technical Support by phone or email.