Endnote for iPad will not sort according to "Date added"

I use Endnote X7.2.1 on a Mac (Yosemite) for my library with 5100 references and lots of attached pdf’s. I sync it with Endnote on my iPad (version 1.2.4 (126)) through an Endnote online account. I had your support change my e-mail address associated with the account (and ResearcherID and Web of Science). The iPad could then no longer sync and once I updated the login e-mail addres on the iPad the library was gone and I had to download it again. That worked fine, but now it will not sort my records according to “Date added”. In the old iPad library this worked fine and I always had the newest added records on top. Now, when I selsct “Date added” as sort option the records appear in random order. In Endnote online and Endnote X7 I the sorting according to “Date added” still works fine.

What can I do to restore this functionality?

I have already once uninstalled and re-installed Endnote on the iPad and downloaded the library once again but this didn’t help.

Tage Dalsgaard

Greetings Tage,

Sorry to hear about your EndNote for iPad sort order issue.  So far, I’ve been unable to reproduce the problematic Date Added sorting that you’ve described within your post.  After syncing EndNote for iPad with my existing EndNote online account, the top-most record within the iPad app matches the reference with the highest record number within my designated EndNoteSync desktop library.  The iPad app record list continues to correspond with the record number assignment from my desktop X7 library going all the way back to the reference associated within record number ‘1’.  After syncing with my EndNote online account, I swapped email addresses which reloaded my library.  The newly reloaded library matches the same ‘Date Added’ order.  I’ll be creating a related Technical Support case for further investigation.  You should be receiving an email related to the creation of that case in just a few minutes.  Please reply to this thread once more if you don’t receive that mentioned email.