Endnote Import Problem

Hello Community,

Im new to Endnot and I am currently trying to get along with that software :slight_smile:
Due to my colleague I am switching my bibliography from Citavi to Endnote. After adding some new literature I have the problem, that a lot of titles are in theese arrow brackets < > (sorry dont know the word for it) Inside the brackets I see the name of the PDF file, not the title name of the paper. There are some Dublicates imported, which are not indicated as Dublicates, so I cannot search for them.

So my biggest issue is:

Why does Endnote not import the PDF name insted of the correct Title? The correct tile is includet in the PDF. Apperently I was able to import them before without problems in Citavi.

Secondly just out of interest I would like to know how the Dublicates search does work. Is it just comparing the titles of the imported files?? (At least this would explain why my dublicates are not found, because the Title is not importet correctly)

Thank you for your help!

For the Dupicate Search I figured that I can adjust that in Preferences, but I dod not understand myEndnote struggles with

importing correctly.

Would be very glad for help!



The following article should help you troubleshoot your PDF imports: http://endnote.com/kb/108622

The most common reason this occurs is if the software is unable to read the DOI. Attached to that article is a test PDF we know works. You can use this to test your PDF importing.

If that works, please read the bullet points explaining the common causes of the problem. If the test PDF also fails, check your internet connectivity and contact Support.

Thanks! I will try that!


The test document works fine. So that means the documents I tried to import are not in the database, right? (they are no scans)

Well, thats ok it have been some twenty files so I changed the name manually. So for that issue Im fine, BUT

I have a folder where I constantly import PDFs. Now, if I Import the entire folder again, the old and renamed files are getting imported again and I have to check manually if they are duplicates and if they do so, I need to delete them. Can I avoid a reimport or persue an identification as duplicate?

Thanks for the answer!

Hello, Chillkroete:

There is not a way to ignore duplicates when importing PDF files through the File>Import menu.

However, if you have EndNote X7, you can set it up to โ€œmonitorโ€ a specific folder. Then, after the initial import, it will only import newly added files. To do this, visit your EndNote program preferences and select PDF Handling.

This feature is not available in EndNote X6 or earlier.