Not citing correctly in existing document but working in New document

Endnote Online and Endnote X7, with Word for Mac 2011.

Cite While You Write is not working correctly within a particular Word document, when inserting a citation I get the following format (even when the citation style is correctly set): 

(Stamper, 2014, Oxidised phase relations of a primitive basalt from Grenada`, Lesser Antilles). This is including the title of the reference which I do not want.

In the document, the citation is not editable (ie. no grey box to select) and No reference is listed in the Bibiography at the end of the document.

However, when I do the same in a new blank document, I have no issues-so all OK…but, if I paste the text from the original word document into the new one, the same issue returns.

Please can someone help me resolve this issue so I dont have to re-type all 8000 words of the original document!!

yikes. Sounds like a corrupted endnote field.    If it was me, I would follow the cleanup process outlined in this KB article. – always be sure to make a copy of the document first.   

After unformatting to temporary citations or unfomatted citations, and before copying to the new document (a step I don’t usually bother with, by the way), I would look at that reference.  – and delete it and a word or two before and after it, if it doesn’t look like the {author, year #RecNo} format.  Reinsert the missing words and the citation.  

Then reformat (update citations and bibliography) and you may want/have to turn CWYW back on.  

BTW – what output style are you using?  - there are some output styles that handle “ambiguous authors” by adding the title, and this too might account for what you are seeing (apart from it not being a “grey” selectable field.)

I am using ‘Contrib Mineral Petrol’ output style. It is specific to the Journal I am writing the paper for.

I carried out the procedure, but unfortunately the problem is still there.

Is it an issue that I am using Endnote Basic Online? I dont think it can be as it works without any issues on the new blank Word documents.

Try using a different style in the online version?  

Tried using the more popular Harvard Style but the problem doesnt go away.

PM me -(click on my name or check your little envelope in the upper right corner) -and you can share the formatted manuscript via dropbox and I can see what happens with the desktop version?