Endnote library is not Saving properly-just lost 4 hours of work


I have Endnote X6. I just lost 4 hours of work because the library was not autosaving. I have started working again on the library but when I try to save, all I am able to do is save a copy, and when I look at the date/time tag in the directory, it is not updated even after I have made a change in the library and saved a copy. I am so upset and have no idea what is wrong. I have already rebooted.

Please please help.

Thank you.


where are you saving it?  does it warn, when you open it, that it is on a locked volume?  

Are the ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’ commands greyed out? I have this too and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to save it or if it’s supposed to automatically save as additional references are added. 

save and “save as” do not apply to the library – they apply to records (but records are also automatically updated when you close them) or output styles, etc.  Save a copy is the only option that you can apply to a library.  As records are saved the library is saved, so it is hard to understand why yours isn’t.  It maybe corrupted?  

I would try the save a copy to a new location, and try to “recover library” from the tools menu.  

then I would call Tech support!  

You can also copy all the records to a new library and see if that new library functions properly.  

note, that if your library is linked to endnote web/online library and you copy records to a new library or save a copy to a new name, you will need to contact tech support to adjust the syncing.