Endnote puts 'translated from eng' for each reference

Dear Forum, I have a problem with word 2004 in macosx and endnote X 2.0.1. When it adds the references at the end it always adds also a ‘translated from eng’ and ‘(in eng)’ tags like: 6) Lamlum H, et al. (2000) APC mutations are sufficient for the growth of early colorectal adenomas. (Translated from eng) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97(5):2225-2228 (in eng). I looked everywhere but I did not find a way to get rid of this, could you please help me? anybody with the same problem? Thanks in advance, Andrea

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 Is this text in your records? and if so, it is in a field that is being used by your style?  To solve it,  you can edit your library to remove any instance of “translated from eng” and “in eng” which the style is inserting or you can edit the style to eliminate the field that contains that information. 

Where did you download the records from? 

What style are you using?

If it is in the style, you can attach the style here and someone can edit it for you. 

Or you can chose a different style which doesn’t contain that field.