EndNote stops responding for some online searches

I’d appreciate any advice with this one. I have a handful of Online Search libraries saved under Online Search. When I search using the Library of Congress one, everything works fine. But when I click on the London School of Economics link, EndNote freezes up and I get the application not responding message. I have to Force Quit and restart EndNote. It happens every time for this library, but not for others that I use. Thoughts?

Greetings Chris12,

When connecting to a remote database from within EndNote, the application will timeout after two minutes if a connection cannot be established.  How long are you waiting before force quitting EndNote?

Hi Jimmy,

I tried again this morning and after about 90 seconds, I got an error message saying: Domain Name not found. Verify the Server Address in the connection file." Can you advise me on what the problem is and how to fix it?



Greetings Chris,

The mentioned error would typically indicate the connection settings for the remote database have changed at some point after our connection file was created, or the database has been taken offline (either temporarily or permanently).  I’ll be sure to report the connectivity issue to our Content person.  If you are affiliated with the London School of Economics, contacting someone in the library may help determine the underlying cause of this connectivity issue.