EndNote Web CWYW crashes Word - How to transfer Web references into word (without CWYW)


Just to give you a little back ground information: I am using the EndNoteWeb, but not an actual endNote downloaded program. Though I could access endNote X4 through my university remote access platform, but I never do. 

On top of that I am using the CWYW plug-inn in MS Word 2010. 

Today the CWYW plug-inn has crashed my Word several times, whereas ther have never been problems before. Everytime I try to add a reference in a word document I get the usual window with the time running that says "getting reference  information " and “formatting” but then the whole program (Word included) stops and goes into the “not-responding”  And I have to shut it down through the task-manager. Once I restart word everything is fine and the reference was added, but it just does not work that easily if everytime I do anything with CWYW I have to restart word. Does anybody have a solution for this. I have already restarted my computer twice, deleted the plug-inn, reinstalled the plug-inn and nothing seems to work.

I am also ina  time crunch as I am writing my thesis at the moment…

Moreover, in case nothing helps I hope there is a way to tranfer my existing references from my web account into the regular MS Word 2010 reference list (XML-file). I have heard that this should be possible through EndNote (non-web version) but I cannot seem to link my EndNote X4 from university Remote Access to my Web-account. I have tried to go through the Preference box in EndNote X4, but once I try to register it says “EndNote registration could not be completed. The activation period for the complimentary EndNote subscription expired July 2013.”  Also With the EndNote X4 I cannot actually access files on my computer since it is linked to university remote access, rather than my personal laptop

So My question in summary is:

  • How to stop CWYW to stop crashing my MS Word 2010
  • Or to be able to Export my EndNote Web references into and XML file so that I can use them in Word without having to re type them all