Endnote X, CWYW beug

Hi, I really need that someone helps me.

I’m a master 2 student working on my thesis with word and EndNote X.

I was using both without any problem but few days ago, a beug appeared.

All my quotation [1] or [2] ect, turned into a 10 lines description of my quotations. So I “remove feel codes” and it works again. Exept that, now, eact time I try to insert a new quotation with CWYW, instead of having a number following the others, I have that {Dubar,  #29} for exemple. And it’s not insert in my bibliography at the good place (always at the end.)

Can someone help me because it makes me crazy !


WHAT, you removed filed codes?  Why?  That removes all the endnote formating.  I hope you mean you unformated the references, which also turns off CWYW. This would return all references to the curly bracket format.

You can turn it on again by formating the paper and going to the third tab and re-enabling it for that manuscript.  The exact procedures depend on what version of word you are using.  In the first tab, you can ensure you are using the correct style for the thesis, which sounds like a possible cause of the original problem.

If you truly removed the field codes, you must go back to an earlier backup version, or you are going to be unable to order/renumber your references with newly introduced citations. 

Are you inserting the “quotations” or the “citations”