"Endnote X2 Bad File Name" when opening Word 2007


I recieve the error “Endnote X2 Bad File Name” when opening Word 2007 on Vista 32bit.

What makes this strange is that I don’t have X2 installed (althoguh it was previously) I have X4. Also I have Reference Manager 12 installed.

Both the X4 and Reference Manager 12 toolbars correctly display adn work in word.

What makes it even more odd is that under the user (an administrator of the PC) that installed Endnote does not encounter this problem. It’s all other non administrative users that have the issue.

It would seem like there is some kind of profile specific or current user reg key that is the problem, but I have been unable to find anyting.

The error is bad because the PC’s are used by students at a university, we’d rather not leave and just ignore it.



Hmm, solved, but what a headache…

So after trying for hours without result to find the source of the issue I decided to uninstall and completly clean the PC of Endnote X4 and RefMan 12. This involved the usual uninstall, then a complete search and removal of any lingering files and finally a complete search and clean of the registry including the current user plus the loaded hives of the default user and a non admin user.

This took forever…the shear volume of junk files and reg keys left after the uninstall made me wonder if the unistaller really did anything.

Anyway, with the PC rebooted I installed Endnote X4…admin and non admin users both had working Endnote toolbars and no errores…great!

So I went ona nd installed RefMan12 and applied the latest patch…checking word under the admin user, I now had the odd situation where the Endnot X4 tab now said Endnote X2 instead. So I ran a repair on Endnote X4 and hey presto, the word toolbar now had the correct name and no errors.

So I switched to a non admin user…now not only was the toolbar in word incorrectly named as Endnote X2 but also I was getting the same “Endnote X2 Bad File Name” error as before. So I decided to run RefManager and then Endnote. Upon Running word again, Endnote’s toolbar had the correct name and the error had miraculously disappeared.

I have no idea why this hocus pocus worked, but it did. I still have no idea what was the cause of the issue, however it would seem that something in Reference Manage 12 messes about with the Endnote X4 installation/word toolbar. I have no idea if this is by design or indeed necessary, but it is rather frustrating. and potentially very confusing for less technically competant users than myself (not to mention totally off putting to the point of finding some software that coexists a lot better)

I hope my findings help others with this issue :slight_smile: