Illustration credits

Formatting a paper with Endnote I want to have a list with illustration credits at the end of my text beside an own list with the literature used. Within the text body concerning the figure only the caption and the year should appear.

I guess I have to adapt an output style. But how to?

Thank you!

I am not exactly clear on what you are trying to achieve.  You want a separate list for the two types of items?  Can you provide some example of what you expect it to look like? 

Yes, you are right, I would like to have to lists: one for illustration credits, one for literature. The sort order for the lists are different: For literature an alphabetical order and year (standard), for illustration credits sort order as it appear within the text body, this means a numerated list including information concerning source, copyright, etc. Something like this:

Illustration Credits

Figure 1.1 Photograph: Courtesy of Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections. …
Figure 1.2 Appliance renderings and early Edison photograph: Courtesy of GE. Edison illustration: Courtesy of Henry Ford Museum …


Benjamin, Walter (1937): …

Derrida, Jaques (1976): …

Thank you!

You could use EndNote to generate the bibliography but generating a List of Figures is best handled by MS Word and the program’s captioning features – refer to this thread.

I guess these aren’t the captions themselves, but I don’t think I can think of any workaround to get Endnote to help with this request.