Endnote X2 Output Style Question

Good morning everyone, I am writing a paper and I am using the APA 5th style. This may be an easy question and I hope so, but I enter my references in Endnote and the preview it gives me is 5 spaces after the first line, (the second line should be 5 spaces indented) from the first line. But when I insert a citation into Word 2007, it indents the 2nd line 8 spaces. Is there anyway to get it to 5 spaces??



Hanging indents are based on the paragraph formating and are in inches or cm and not in “spaces”.  It is defaulted to 0.5 inches.  You can change this on the layout tab of the Format Bibliography menu window (when you reformat bibliography from the endnote tools or toolbar).  You can change it to, say 0.3 or 0.4 and it might look closer to your 5 spaces.  It really depends on the font size you are using.