Endnote X3 / Mac OS 10.6 problems


I am using X3 with OS 10.6, and Endnote runs quite unstable. Especially when quitting Endnote, it always crashes, leaving all my changes unsaved (if I haven’t remembered to save them manually before).

Does anybody encounter the same problems (and perhaps has a solution?)

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Sorry to hear the problems. I believe you could request refund.

I’m not a Mac user so I can’t be of further help for you, but I can say something to Thomson Reuters staffs, as follows.

These days, people buy products on-line by looking at users feedbacks and reviews. Look at the Newegg. There are hundreds of thousands of products, and people post their experience and reviews. I also look at the users feedback as a primary source to choose products, instead of manufacturer’s “flashy ads” which may or may not be truthful.

No response to Mac users problems should be taken care of by Thomson Reuters staff, I believe. I’ve seen so many posts by Mac users, simply disregarded and unresponded for weeks, and finally commented by other users like “call customer support”. It’s not really helpful for them at all.

I understand you may be short handed…However, leaving this kind of problem unresponded too long will result in the other users impression “Oh, they don’t care about Mac issues.” Eventually, that will reduce the number of potential buyers, and turn them to other alternatives.

Once again, look at Neweggs. Manufacturer’s are frantically responding to the negative comment (like product DOA) by users, because they understand it hurts. A simpe message, like “Call this customer support XXX-XXX-XXXX” would help ease the troubled mind of users. I understand this is a user forum, but this is about the product of Thomson Reuters. If users don’t respond, moderators/staffs should take care in a timely fashion. That’s what I believe.


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There’s an FAQ on the Thomson Reuters support site concerning Mac’s 10.6 OS and EndNote/Word crashing (link below).  If it doesn’t resolve your problem, suggest you contact tech support. 


Does anybody have any idea when this patch for Endnote X3 will be available?

Could the library used on a Mac running OS 10.5 with X1 just as a stop gap?

That posted workaround is a joke – what it means is you have to uninstall the plug-in every time you want to quit word so that it doesn’t crash.

I called tech. support about this issue, and they whined about the fact that Apple came out with SL 10.6 too early – they were expecting it at the end of September.

Fine – your timeline was off.  We are now two months from your timeline, and this problem, which makes Endnote worthless with Word, has still not been fixed.

How hard could it be to patch this and test it?  Maybe you should respect the fact that many of your customers are Mac users, and all new machines come with 10.6 on them.  

Must be nice to have a monopoly, and cut costs by ignoring your customers.

3 months from release, and still no fix for this problem is a disgrace.  The workarounds are pointless. 

Did you ever have a chance to try OpenOffice?

Just curious.

I had some helpful advice from the Endnote team which meant reinstalling Endnote.

X.3 appears to be working with Word 2004 / Snow Leopard.

In my case, Endnote x3  (In Mac OS 10.6) does not retrieve the references in online mode.  I was able to do so till yesterday. but suddenly it has stopped to do so. It shows the number of references found, but then cannot retrieve. I am using the online mode.

Can anybody suggest any solution?