Endnote X3 & Word 2008 Problem in Standard Accounts

Good day,

We have been experiencing (and living with) an ongoing problem for all users with Standard accounts running Snow Leopard with Endnote X3 and Word 2008 for months and now attribute it to Endnote X3. Specifically, the file:

EndNote CWYW Word 2008.bundle

that resides in /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/Startup/Word/

is invoking the Microsoft Error Reporter 98% of the time whether Word is open and a standard user requests a log out, or just trying to quit out of Word. NB: The problem does NOT occur in Administrator accounts.

This has occurred through ALL Mac OS updates and ALL Word 2008 updates.

I have removed all installations of X3 from our clients and am waiting to install X4 when it can be used with Word 2011. 

I am reporting this issue to make you aware of it so that we do not experience the same problem with X4 and Word 2011 in Standard accounts, making Endnote usable for our users.

Thank you.