EndNote X4 Mac issues in Citations

Has anyone had an issue with EndNote abbreviating items in footnotes and the bibliography on a Mac? I typed a reference into the library, and when I went to insert the citation it abbreviated the entry for On War by Clausewitz like this…

Clausewitz, C. v. (1984). On War. Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press.

I have it set for Chicago 16th A, and the reference entry is fully spelled out. However it has abbreviated Carl and von, and is outputting On War in a format totally different than Turabian. I am new to EndNote, but someone with a lot of experience helped me set it up and is stumped as well.

I am using EndNote X4.0.2, and the entry is set up as a Book in the Reference Library. When I looked at the Output Style it doesn’t show underlining of the Title and should output the Editors and Translators that are in the entry. I have attached screen shots of the library reference entry and the output style.


![Footnote issue info.jpg|720x540](upload://dY8EQ0dviz8VTmkNFXZrCLYMuYV.jpeg)

Using your example and the Chicago 16th output style with EndNote X4.0.2 (Windows 7 Professional) seems to generate the results you’re seeking (see attached image).

Maybe there’s something amiss with the output file you’re using. Have you tried downloading another copy of Chicago 16th to see if the new file works? 

I did based on your suggestion, and no dice. It still outputs with abbreviations in the names, the title underline vs. in italics, and doesn’t output the editors and translators. I even downloaded 15th A to see if that would work and it did the same thing. 

Thanks for checking.  Unfortunately this is starting to sound like a Mac-related issue and/or bug.  Have you thought about contacting tech support: http://www.endnote.com/support/entechform.asp

That was my next step, and definitely after talking with my PhD that uses it a great deal again today. I think the issue revolves around a way to also select Chicago 16 in Word. I know where to do that in Windows on the tab it has in Word, but EndNote looks different on Word in a Mac, and there is no tab.

Thanks for the help.