Endnote X4 Personal Styles only?

Is it possible to view styles from only the Personal Styles folder in Style Manager?


Not to my knowlege, although perhaps you could change your registry setting so it doesn’t look at the “installed” folder at all.  We have changed that setting so it only looks on a Network drive for the styles we use as an Institute, and each person than has their personal folder in addition. 

Using EndNote X4 for Windows or Macintosh you should be able to try the following:

-       Create a personal Styles folder containing at least 1 .ens file

-       Point EndNote Preferences to look at this folder

-       Move [but do not delete] the default Styles folder from the main EndNote X4 install location [typically something like C:/Program Files/EndNote X4/Styles] – put this Styles folder somewhere safe but do not have EN point to it.

-       Re-start EndNote and you should just see the Styles from you personal folder.

I just did a few quick tests using X4.02 on Windows and this worked just fine although this is not something we normally fully regression test so back up your work.

Keep in mind that EndNote absolutely requires .ens files to run.  Version X4 should be smart enough to create at least one default .ens file if it cannot find any others but you are much better off being sure that you have your personal Styles folder populated with a few .ens files first.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Leanne’s solution is what I was aiming for…however, I couldnt find the correct registry keys.

I ended up making a sub-folder in the main Endnote styles folder and moved all the styles into it. All the styles I regularly use I kept in place. Now, I have my modified styles in the Endnote personal folder and the usual styles in the default folder. All I see now are my familiar styles. Seems JasonR also had a similar idea.

Thank you both for the help :slight_smile:

The setting is CFDIR and is easiest to find by searching.  The DATA field should be the location you want your default sets (styles, filters and connection folders to reside.  It is usually set as default to the C:\program files\endnote-installation-folder - changing it will not affect the program itself.  - I wouldn’t set it to the personal folders (set in Endnote’s preferences - folder locations) though and remember Jason’s point that there has to be at least one style (and probably one connection and one filter too?) in one of the two locations.