Endnote X6 suffix bug?


after updating to Endnote 6 (I’m using Office 2011 for Mac) I’m experiencing the following problem:

After inserting a citation in a footnote I usually go on the citation with a left klick => Edit Citations and then add a suffix. When I, e.g., add the number “123” as a suffix it then just shows “12” in the document. When I go on Edit Citations again I can see “123” in the suffix.

The same happens with pages.

It doesn’t happen with every suffix though.

Does anyone have the same problem and knows what to do?


1.What output style are you using?  Is “123” referencing page numbers?  How should the footnoted entry be displayed in the document?

2.There’s a recent upgrade for X6 upgrading the program to X6.0.1- are you running your version with the latest patch? Go to the toolbar, click Help > EndNote Program Updates or go to: http://endnote.com/downloads/available-updates


This is a bug that was not present in the X5 version. I oppened a ticket to this problem. The patch 6.0.1 does not change anything. 

Case #TS-00866464:Severe bug - Multiple citation

after 24 messages back and forth, finally they were able to replicate the bug

here is the reply:

Hello Flavio,


Thank you for your in depth description. I am able to re-create this issue on both Mac and PC for EndNote X6. The issue is not replicable in EndNote X5 as you have stated.


I’m sending the attached example files to our Development Department to look deeper into the issue. I appreciate your patience in this matter and apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you,

Jason Weitzman

Thomson Reuters

Global Customer Support

We are waiting for a fix but they don’t see like moving promptly. i even received a message saying that they wont fix this bug until x7. Shame on them. 

The only manner to overcome this bug is simply to add a space after your cited pages or suffix field. 

If like me, you have hundreds of multiple citations to correct, then I wish you good luck. And when it will happen to be a fix (in the next version) then you would have to go back to all your customized citations and remove the extra space. :confounded::angry: