EndNote X7 Frozen / Repair or Reinstall Don't Fix

EN X7 for Windows can longer open on a user’s laptop.  We’re hoping to find a solution.

Initial problem seems related to thumb drive containing EndNote Library and associated data folder.  Patron could not use thumb drive to open needed EndNote library.  We tried copying library and data folder to the hard drive with no luck.  Thumb drive will open for EndNOte loaded on other computers, but not the laptop. 

Patron thinks problem may be related to closing EndNote before it had finished loading a needed library.  She thinks this may have frozen something or corrupted the library.

EndNote message about Syntactic Analysis and Working Memory  missing associated data folder popped up during some attempts.  Dat folder appeared to be in needed directory with ENL library.

We tried opening EndNote to create a new library.  This didn’t work:  a generic _ EndNote Error _ pop-up appears on the screen.

The following approaches were also tried.  EndNote still will not open on the laptop.

Repair was tried.                                            
***This didn’t solve the problem.

Reconfigure EndNote was tried.                                              
***This didn’t solve the problem.

Uninstall EndNote / New Install Tried  (twice)                  
***This didn’t solve the problem.                                                                           
***Computer registry was also searched and hidden EndNot files removed.

MS Word 2010 Uninstall / New Install Tried 
***This didn’t solve the problem. 

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks and happy holiday,

Frank Davis
University of Kentucky

what is the current folder relationship between the libraryname.enl file and the libraryname.DATA folder?  The should both be in the same folder. the .ENL file should NOT be in the original .DATA folder.  

Has the .DATA folder been overwritten/recreated as an “empty” folder during any of the transfers/failures?  This is especially a problem following a “repair” attempt.

I am having the same problem on my Windows 7 laptop. It happened after an attempt of update to X7.1. The library was saved on a thumb drive and can be opened on other computers with EndNote with no problems at all. It said the library needs to be repaired but still ‘EndNote Error’ pops up. I have tried uninstallation and reinstallation for many times but to no avail.

‘EndNote Error’ pops up whenever I:

  • create a new library

  • open a saved library from local hard disk or thumb drive

Basically this error renders the EndNote X7 installed in my laptop useless, when I cannot even open/create a library.

Please advise what can be done to repair this. I am using license from an university institute.

Thank you.


Kam Boon

I refer to this link and problem solved. 


Add http:// at the front of the link.

This issue may occur because of the user permission to the Temp folder. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Close EndNote.
  2. In a Search box or Run dialog type :
  3. Hit Enter key.
  4. In the Temporary folder that opens locate the “EN_DbLinks” folder.
  5. Delete this folder. If it fails to delete because of permissions, you may need to use “Disk Cleanup” to reset the “temporary files” on the computer.

This should resolve the issue.



This solution worked for me. However, every time I close EndNote the “EN_DbLinks” folder is recreated meaning I have to delete it every time I want to open EndNote which is bit of an inconvenience. Is there any way to stop the “EN_DbLinks” folder being created and casuing the Endnote Error message?