Unable to find EndNote Style?


I have created a new style in EndNote X7 and I can see this style (called J TERM) when I open up the Style Manager within Endnote X7 itself (See attached image).

Now I would like to copy this style onto a new computer that I use at another location. But when I try and find this file (J TERM.ens) in the Styles folder under Applications on my HD it does not exist (see attached image).

I have searched the whole HD and cannot find the J TERM.ens file. I am on an iMac running OSX 10.12.3

Any suggestions?



On a PC it is is the owners folder where there is an Endnote/Styles folder for user modified or downloaded output styles.  This prevents losing those when endnote updates and writes over the original installation program folders.  You should be able to find where, by looking at the EndNote Preferences folder locations settings.  – If it was downloaded at installation though, it will be in the Endnote program folder styles location, which might be “hidden” during a search.