EndNote X9.3.3 not syncing with endnote web after Windows 10 upgrade (2004)

I have recently finished updating Windows 10 Home (desktop) and Pro (laptop) to version 2004 on both my desktop (Dell Inspiron 3668) and my laptop (Dell Inspirion 17 5000 series).  The issues are only on the laptop.  The desktop is working fine.

I have problems syncing to endnote web (there are other issues with logins but are beyond the scope of this message).

Initially, when trying to sync I received an error message "Could not parse request: Failed to parse request XML: Character reference "&# ". I reset the password and was able to login.  After shutting down and booting up my laptop I was again unable to sync with endnote web.  My workaround has been to go into settings, apps, modify (endnote 9), and repair (this couldn’t be done by the control panel).  Then rebooted and I was able to again sync with endnote web.  Until I shut down and restarted, then the whole process began anew.  I would also get intermittent error messages saying that my password was incorrect (it was correct).  When reentering the password (in endnote preferences) and hitting apply I would get the error messages saying that my password was incorrect.  Sometimes when I booted my laptop for the first time during the day, my password (as viewed in the preferences dialog) would be ****# **#** (not exactly, just to show that it was different).  I would reenter my password and again be told that it was an incorrect password.  Then the whole process of repairing endnote began anew.

Obviously this is not a long term solution.  Besides rolling back to a previous version of Windows (my next step) does anybody have a suggestion?  Any and all help would be gr

I got the same error message (“Could not parse request: Failed to parse request XML: Character reference…”) when Endnote was trying to sync after I had just pasted a text with bullet points from Word into the “Research Notes” in a reference. The error disappeared when I deleted the bullet points.