Endnotes references misformated in docx footnotes

Hi There,

I have tried to use docx footnotes for little comments in which I would like to insert Endnotes references that are only included in the main text.

I was expecting that at the bottom of the page the result would be like

   “# of the footnote … blaba… [référence number of Endnotes] … blabla…”

However I’ve got

   “# of the footnote … blaba… référence number of Endnotes. authors, title, journal, year, volume, page numbers … blabla…”

I should have a short footnote but the reference details that are displayed quadrouple its length and makes it unreadable, which defeat the purpose.

I have tried to diplay only the endnotes reference number in the footnote but I have only failed so far : it seems that endnotes references are not treated the same way ouside and inside the docx footnotes which might be a bug or a matter of settings.

Has anyone faced and/or overcome this issue ?

Footnote settings can be defined separately from in text citations and bibliography templates.  They are all separately defined in the output style (or can be set to match the citation or the bibliography.  Which output style are you using?  See the attached image for the footnote dropdown options.