Errors and omissions importing from RILM


I’ve noticed several serious problems while importing citations from RILM.  I import them directly from the RILM website which I access through my university (using RILM’s export feature in tandem with Endnote’s ResearchSoftware Direct Export Helper).

Here are some problems that arise in Endnote when I format the citations as MLA (but even occur when I am displaying all of the bibliographic information)

  1. Dissertations are not properly described as such.

For example, please see

The interpretation of rhythm in Diabelli’s Vaterlaendischer Kuenstlerverein variations

by G. Govier

  1. Non-English articles are improperly represented.  The English translation of the article title appears in lieu of the journal title and in italics as if Endnote “thinks” it is the journal.  The actual journal title is completely absent

Please see L. Weissgerber’s

Intervallsatz beim späten Beethoven: Zur 20. Diabelli-Variation

  1. The same problem occurs for non-English individual essays in a collection of essays (the English translation of the chapter title appears in italics instead of the book title.  The actual book title is missing.).

Please see T. Leibnitz’s

Die Adresse der Wiener Komponisten an Prinzessin Elisabeth anläslich der Hochzeit 1854

These problems likely originate with Endnote since a check of RILM’s complete database record for each item shows all of the missing source information properly identified.

Can someone please resolve these issues as soon as possible?  I would appreciate it greatly!

Thank you!


(My system: Endnote X3, Firefox 3.5.7, Windows XP)