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Good evening all. New here to the forum.

About half my classmates at university use RefWorks, which our university provides free. About half use EndNote, which is also my preference. I’d like to share portions of my library with members of my working team, some of whom, naturally, use the other product.

I am hoping there is an easy, straightforward method for exporting specific references into a format that RefWorks can import. I understand how to select individual references, form groups and things like that. Few of my classmates will be software savvy, so it is likely me who will be creating (or providing) any solution.

Will the .TXT or proprietary .XML export formats be useful? Ideally, I am looking for something they can double-click on or else use their Import function on, and have the data cross over seamlessly.


Russell in Canada

I haven’t tried it myself, but these instructions from RefWorks should help: http://www.refworks.com/Refworks/help/Exporting_from_Bibliographic_Programs_and_Importing_into_RefWorks.htm#EndNote

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This is exactly what I was hoping for. My sincere thanks to you. I have an EndNote Web account, so I can copy my library selections from my desktop to the Web database, do the export, and then pass that along to my classmates.

Once again, my thanks. :slight_smile: