Figures and tables bug?

Hello there,

I was wondering if this is a known issue: I have a word document (thesis) with the whole library of endnote (.enl+data) stored on my desktop. My thesis is nearly finished. I have a lot of tables and figures which I stored in endnote too, in order to facilitate citation and generating figure list. Each time I open my word document, a pop up open asking me if I would like to update links, between my word doc and the other word docs stored in my endnote library. No problem so far, f I click OK.

When I copy the whole folder (doc word+full endnote library) on a usb key to open it on an other computer, my word document don’t update links and in fact is unable to perform the update. I tried the manual update by clicking on field on each figure and table but it’s all messed up. When I go into the Word menu “Links”, all references point to their old location on my other computer. Is this a Word bug or Endnote bug? Is there a way to fix this mess? Does this happen on PC?

I have approximately 50 figures and tables, and I would like not tu manually update links…

N.B: this happens even on the same computer when I move the location of the folder: unable to update…

Mac  OS X 10.7

Endnote 4.0.2

Microsoft Office Word 14.1.2

Gawd, I’m with you on the whole “thesis” thing…

I recall rumbling around that you have to make sure you copy over the .Data folder that tells Endnote where to look for your figures  - if you “google” figures export new drive etc. that should get you the answer you’re looking for I think.