Fix word document linked to wrong library

By error, I linked my word document to a wrong endnote data file (a compressed .enlx library instead of a normal one).
Since then, I get the “EndNote Error” warning message when I try to insert an Endnote citation, even when I have the correct library open in my EndNode programme.
How can I change the endnode data file that word is connected to?
Many thanks.


To change the EndNote data file connected to Word, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the correct EndNote library is open.
  2. Go to the EndNote tab in Word and click on “Update Citations and Bibliography” to align your Word document with the open EndNote library.
  3. If problems persist, unformat your citations, save and close both Word and EndNote. Then reopen them and reformat the citations.
  4. If issues continue, remove the traveling library references from your Word document by unformatting the citations, saving the document under a new name, and reformatting the bibliography with the correct EndNote library open.
  5. Always keep a backup of your Word document to prevent loss of work.

Hope this helps.

Also check if your endnote preferences for library to open, is set to open the wrong library (the .enlx one?)