Formatting for Latin American Research Review

I am working with a grad student who is submitting a manuscript to Latin American Research Review.  EndNote does not have a style available for this publication and so I’m hoping that someone out there might have a suggestion on how to tweak settings to display this style (see attachment).  I have figured out how to bump the date and rest of the citation info onto the second line and how to add tabs to automatically indent the date and title.  What I can’t figure out is how to get the rest of the citation to align with the second indent (the attachment is from the LRR website).  When I add an entry to a sample bib, the third line of the citation always aligns under the date (rather than the start of the title) and I see no way to automatically change this.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


It would help to also attach the actual style you have modified so far.  


Sorry…Leanne noted that it would be helpful to attach the style I’ve modified.  Here it is (I have only modified the bib template for journal articles).

Chicago 15th B LARR.ens (22 KB)
Chicago 15th B LARR.ens (21.7 KB)

On close inspection, I don’t think there is a way for Endnote to output exactly what you are trying to achieve. There is no way to “double hanging indent” for the second paragraph.    I also noticed that the LARR’s word document doesn’t correctly use formatting to achieve their illustration of how they want it to look (turn on the nonprinted formating characters). .  In addition, it appears they would want the author name to only appear once, if there were several articles.  Endnote would have a tough time with that too. 

Thank you very much, Leanne.  I suspected this might be the case, but was not sure if I was just missing something with EndNote styles.