German Umlauts in footnotes

The German Umlaut: “ü” works in the citation entries, but a box shows up next to the vowel when the citation is transfered to the footnote and the bibliography.  How can I fix this?

Endnote is a ***edit***ty software, if I didn’t have to use it, I would look for something else.

It drops all umlauts from a PUbmed import!!!


You have no choice but to manually go through everything and type in the umlaut. That is a horrible thing to have to do if you have hundreds or thousands of refereneces as we have.

no hlep from thomson reuters…

The EndNote software itself should not have any issues importing umlauts.

Do you have the PMID for one of the references experiencing this issue?

We’d be more than happy to test it.

To be honest, it’s much more likely that the bad umlaut character is being exported from PubMed itself, than the EndNote program having difficulting importing such a common character.

Please let us know.