Importing Scopus results with Characters to Endnote

Even though I downloaded a new import filter I am having problem importing to Endnote words with accents and diaeresis (two dots above a vowell).  For example

Gutiérrez  turns into characters: Gutiérrez

Any help would be appreciated.

What version of Endnote?  I think the importing of Scopus records got better for me around X3, but I don’t know if that is because Scopus changed something, or if it is because Endnote changed something. 

Is the file importing directly or do you have some control/knowledge about how it is being exported?  Once you “do this automatically” I find the settings hard to check or change.  Make sure you use the RIS fromat, and I always specify the fields to be exported.   Firefox still shows me exactly what it is using, while IE just does it.  Both correctly convert my diacritics.  Firefox uses the “ResearchSoft Diret Export  Helper”.  (see scopus.gif). Alternatively, if you can save the file, you can import it (see scopus-import gif).  In another view, note the text translation is Unicode (UTF-8) (in scopus-utf-8.gif) .

Both seem to import umlauts correctly for me. 


Thanks you.  Using the RIS import rather than Scopus was the key.  I am using Endnote X2.