Go to Endnote Button Does Not Launch Endnote

Hello!  Our office recently upgraded our old version of Endnote 7 to Endnote X6.  Our machines are all running Office 2007 and we uninstalled Endnote 7 before installing Endnote X6.  We have noticed that when we press the “Go To Endnote” button and Endnote is closed, Endnote is not launched.  However, if we first launch Endnote and then open Word, we can insert references perfectly from both the Endnote program and the CWYW toolbar.  We double-checked the Word Addins and made sure Endnote was allowed.  Is there something we are missing or do we have to open Endnote first all of the time before opening Word 2007?

Thank you so much for assistance!


No, the “Go to EndNote” button in the MS Word toolbar should launch EndNote even when the program (EndNote) is closed. So EndNote does not have to be active/open for the “Go to” button to work.

After removing EndNote 7 was uninstalled was the registry checked and cleared of any lingering files before installing X6? Are the computers networked? Suggest emailing or phoning tech support: