Help for a problem about citation

Hello Endnote-professionals,

     In the process of using endnote XX about the function of ‘citation’, I get into trouble when I write the following ‘citation’ in MS Word 2010 as follows:  “the precipitation gauge density has great impact on the model performance(Jeong et al., 2013), Shen et al., 2012). ”

There is not right bracket between more than a citation paper. How does deal with it?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Mr. yan

It looks like you may have edited the citation template?  What output style are you using, and can you make a copy and rename it to end in .txt and attach it to a reply here? If you unformat the citations, can you make sure the two citation are in the same set of curly brackets with a ; between them or that ther is no space between the close and open curly bracket like the below? 

{Author, Year #RecNo}{Author, Year #RecNo}