How enter Mathlab like formula into a title?

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I did not find a possibility to enter a mathlab-like formula ( superscript characters just above subscript characters) into a title of a reference.

Is there a workaround possible like entering a picture? 

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Are you talking about the title in the endnote library, or title in the formatted bibliography in Word documents?

I think, if I could enter it in the title field of the reference, it should also appear in the same format in the biblography in Word. At this moment I can only use the formula editor in Word and change it there. But this is not a good solution.

Okay, I think I got what you’d like to do, but it’s not a good idea to expect Endnote to take care of that. Endnote has been developed to format bibliography based on the format defined by output style (for journals). The output style defines what kind of font should be used for data from each filed (author, journal name, title, etc), but the entry of field data should remain as “plain” text.

This is certainly a limitation in some cases like yours, and also for biologists wanting to italicize only words like “Drosophila” in the title, but developer doesn’t seem like developing schmes to solve this kind of issue. It is just because how the software is meant, and that makes somewhat sense to me. I guess it is much better to handle math formula by Tex.

Dear Myoshigi,

I only partly agree with You. As far as I think, Endnote wants to be “the best” reference managing program. That means to me that it should try to allow a identical copy of the reference information, including reproducing the title as it is. It should be not necessary to find work arounds to reach this goal in Your paper or whatever. I remember, how long it took until Endnote implemented Unicode characters. I found it a shame to see what kind of new features were implemented until Endnote8, which were definitely less important than the use of Unicode.

And as long as I am not able to use Endnote in the way that I can reproduce a reference list as it should be and have to do additional changes in Word I think the program is missing something important.


I sort of gave up after 20 years (?) of dealing with this software since Nile&Associates era, and reached a conclusion that there are certain things Endnote can’t do or things I cannot not expect them to implement. One example is the support for regular expression in the search term, like the use of wild card. I can’t remember how many times I requested. I thought it is almost “must”, but developers either didn’t want to implement, didn’t have time to develop, or other reasons prevented them to do so…I really don’t know. It just didn’t happen in the past 10 years or so.

But, that’s just about myself. And, I’m not a developer, so I really suggest you to request them to consider the feature you want.

So, I see, You made quite similare expiriences with this software. I could made such a suggestion but I am not very optimistic…

Thanks for Your reply!