How to add a NEW library that endnote does not have

Hi How to you add a new Library to Endnote. I don’t mean downloading a config file that endnote alreaedy has but one new to endnote? Can I write one myself? how to I get it added to the ennote collection of libraries?

To create a new library in EndNote go to File > New
You will now have the option to name and save the file to a location of your choice. Once it is saved a new, empty EndNote Library will appear

Sorry, I didn’t explain it well. I meant how to connect to an external library for searches. Endnote connects to external libraries and institutes using the [Z39.50 - Wikipedia](https://Z390.50 protocol) For example the British Library. My question was: what is the procedure for doing a connection to a new library or institute that Endnote does not currently have in the connections list?
Can I write my own connection file? Is there an app note for this?

Yes, you can. You find the editor under Tools > Connection Files > New Connection.

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Thanks! It turned out I was looking in the wrong place in the manual. Sorted now. Rather I have the information to start!