How to cite a electronic bundle of interviews (APA)

Hi, I am struggling to correctly refer to the following source:

It is a bundle of interviews and articles of various authors.

I think the following is correct (APA style):

In text:
In a recent study (Johnson, 2014) …
Johnson (2014) found in a recent study …
In 2014, Johnson found that …

Reference list:
Johnson, C. (Ed.). (2014). The Lean Management Enterprise. Retrieved from [url here]

Now I have selected ‘Edited book’ in EndNote, but the ‘retrieved from’ URL doesn’t show up. Help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

As a Workaround you could enter all of the following information into the Title field:

The Lean Management Enterprise. Retrieved from [url here]

The other option would be to edit the style and change either the Electronic Book template or Electronic Book Section template for use as your electronic bundle of interviews type or you could go a step further and make a custom Ref Type and then edit the style as well.

I would try one of the electronic reference types.  maybe electronic book or electronic book chapter, or even Blog?  You may need to tweak that ref type’s template though.

See the editing style manual -but since you almost liked edited book, I took that - added the URL and put it in “Blog” ref type in the attached.  

APA 6th -spacingfixed -Blog edited.ens (64.3 KB)

Hi Leanne,

What do I need to do with the file you provided? Looked at the manuals but couldn’t find out.

Download it (it should open in Endnote) and “save as”  – you can tweak the name but don’t make it the same as a default endnote output style, or it will confuse the program.  – then in your word document, click on the style box, and “select another style” from the top of the drop-down.  – you should see the new style listed there.  – select it, and it should now be listed on the dropdown to use elsewhere as well.  

Thanks, I decided to go for the first suggestion of TMartin because otherwise it becomes too difficult (2 users for same EndNote database and company pc file moving restrictions).