How to cite co-authors for one article/book

Hi there,

I am trying to fix this problem the whole evening but it seems not to work. I am using Harvard style and need to cite

(Clarke & Newman, 1997) but all I got for the citation is:

(Clarke, 1997)

After I edit Output style, it appears like:

(Clarke&, 1997)


(Clarke&SecondaryClarke, 1997)

Btw, it appear as expected in the reference list as Clarke, J.,& Newman, J., (1997) bla bla

Is there anyone encounters this problem? please help!

Thanks a lot


 You want to make sure your style citation author settings are as in the attached image.  Make sure there is a space before and after the & in both places.  And make sure the number 3 is in both places.  That way two authors will be listed, but 3 or more will end up as 1st author et al., which I htink is what you want. 

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I tried that already and also re-set up as your instruction but it didnt work. It just presented the 1st author and the year (Clarke, 1997).

Thanks a lot, anw



wow I did it. its working as i want now. The problem is not in the Author lists, but how i typed author’s names in the reference field.

I shouldnt type the authors’ names in one line, they should be seperated by [enter] and also the ‘secondary author’ needs to be added in the citation templates

Hope this may help someone else.



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Please attach the style file you are using and we can look at it. 

I assume your authors are listed one per line separated by carriage returns in  the record?

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There is no need for the secondary author in the templates.  The secondary author would be, for example, the editors in a book chapter.  They are not the “second” author in the list.