how to delete paragraph symbols in-text citation without deleting author or the year--very frustrating experience

I am trying to remove paragraph symbols in-text citation without deleting the author or the year? Or is there a freestyle citation management option where I can add or delete whatever I want?


Where are the paragraph symbols coming from?  I assume that you have accidentally introduced them into the style itself- and that is where you want to delete them from?  – or in the record? 

This can happen if you have copied something and pasted it into the bibliography template (as there are two in the first attached GIF that demonstrate this).  They are tiny superscripted Paragraph symbols and they WILL produce a paragraph break in the resulting bibliography output.  In the template for citation, it can be inadvertantly introduced by hitting “return” and having an extra line and the “superscripted” paragraph symbol as in image 2.


I am not sure where they come from. How can I fix it. What I am trying to do is get rid off paragraph symbols both in the text when I am citing.  Do I do this my going into the code itself? If yes, where (in the WORD) program or EndNote program? Can you show me some screen shots where you demostrate this? Thanks.

If you would attach the style you are using, one of us could quickly check if that is where the paragraph is coming from. 

Can you provide a screen shot of what it looks like in your manuscript? 

What does it look like if you unformat the citations back to curly brackets? 

Which version of word, which version of endnote, which operating system?  All of this is important if any screen shots are going to make sense to you.  If you change the output style in the word manuscript (and again - how to change the selected output style depends on the version) do the breaks disappear?  Are they present in all citations, or just some citations? 

Editing the output style is from the  Endnote program, Edit, Output Styles > edit “your output style name”.  look in the Citation Template itself.  (which was the second gif I attached in the last email). 

If it happens with another style, then it is likely to be in the records themselves.  Where did you get your records?  were they hand entered?

One stream of research that has been developing over the course of last five years has been the notion of subjective and objective indicators; subjective indicators refer to behavioral and attitudinal observations of sustain ability  change and its correlates of attitudes and values research in sustainability (see Sirakaya, Jamal and Choi, 2007; (Sirakaya-Turk, 2007)


As you can see the last citation has brackets after the semi colon. That is what i would like to remove but keep the clsoing bracket.

yes. they were hand enterered.

aha!  yes, you can edit that citation –  I am not exactly sure how you achieved what you have, but you want to insert two refs together, so they appear normal, then so they are just (Sirakaya, Jamal and Choi, 2007; Sirakaya-Turk, 2007).then put the cursor in the formatted citation and “edit citation” from the toolbar, (or right click and choose “edit citation” from the dropdown) and then add the text, see(followed by a space) in the prefix box. 

Excellent advise. It seems like we can write whatever we want within the paragraph brackets by inserting the text in prefix or suffix boxes.  Do we have this information in the manual?

Well, you helped me. Thanks you. 

Yes in Chapter 8, Edit a Citation,  of the GettingStartedGuide.pdf which is installed in the Program files/Endnote Folder.  There is also extensive help in the program itself and an EndnoteX4Help.pdf is located in the same location.  There are also numerous training videos that are accessible from the “training” section of these forums and many more on YouTube created by users.  Finally there are webinars that you can participate in or watch recordings of available from their support website.  To use the program effectively, I suggest that all new users at least go thru the Getting Started Guide!  It has a wealth of information.