Sending via email

I wanted to send my library and PDF files to other people via email.

So, I tried like this :             File >> Send to… >> Compressed Library

then I succeded to make an .enlx file. 

But there is problem…

although I uncompress the .enlx file using EndNote X1, any PDF file was not included in .enlx file.

I can see only one folder named journal title in PDF folder, but there is not any PDF file in that folder.

I tried more than 3 times using different libraries.

Can long file name cause this problem?

Help me plz. 

Message Edited by dongwookk on 06-19-2008 11:11 PM

 Where are your PDFs stored now?  Are the preferences set to leave them where they were (absolute pointers) or is the box ticked in preferences (URLs and PDFs, or something like that) to move them to the relative folder (PDF folder).  If they are in their original locations, you should first  “convert (them) to relative links”  from the references menu before compressing. 

Thanks for your kind reply.

I always put my reference(PDF) in “REFERENCE” folder … and “relative links-folder : containg copied same PDF” are exist also.