How to enter a "Journal Article Section"?

I have some citations that take the form:

AuthorA, 1999. New species descriptions, pp. 310-320, pls. 37-40, in AuthorB, 1999. The Stratigraphy and paleontology of the region, Journal of Regional Paleontology 55(2): 215-325, pls. 25-40.

Is there a conventional method for entering such citations in EndNote.  For now I enter everything from “New” to “district” as the title, hoping for a better solution.

You probably need to create custom reference style, and output style that formats with this form. It seems like book section, but I don’t understand why this example has two “1999” and two page ranges in one citation. Are you really sure this is a single citation?

Is this form a single citation?  I suppose the same question could be asked of a Journal Article (article + serial) or a Book Section (chapter + book), just one level deeper: article part + article + serial).  The use of two dates and two page ranges is to aid the reader in finding the citation.  In systematic biology, scientific names are credited to the author who names and describes the species: Genusus specium AuthorA, 1999.  But when AuthorA publishes her name and description as a section (or footnote!) in another author’s work, her name doesn’t show up in most bibliographies, the table of contents of the journal, or as a heading in a reprint collection.  Making a bibliographic entry for AuthorA, 1999 helps the reader to find the original description.  The date and paging of the including article gives substance to the physical object being sought.

I can see that creating a new format is the only available solution, though not an attractive one.  Fields presently dedicated to conflicting purposes in other formats would have to be usurped for the purpose.  At least two such formats would be required for separately authored sections: “Journal Article Part” and “Book Section Part.”  Other permutations exist.

Ideally, one citation record should be able to reference another, iteratively, by “in” pointer.  A journal article would then include a serial record by reference, a book section its book record, and so on without the endless repitition of information that characterizes a flawed data structure design.