How to enter two different page numbers in footnotes?

Hi all,

Have been trying to enter two different cited pages for some citations and have managed to use ‘cited pages’ and suffixes to do that with the following footnote template:

Autore|, « Titolo »|, Cited Pages|: ***edit***.II(trad)|,[link adiacent]

1st question: is there a simpler way of doing that?

2nd question. Whith the above format the citation comes out to be like that with the cited pages inserted but not the suffix:

Anders H. U., « Findings », 33: _Ist part_,

3rd question: Is there a way of avoiding the comma to appear when the suffix has not been entered?

Moreover. If I enter in the suffix slot only 11 it will not appear in the footnote citation.

It only does that when I enter [space]11. Is there a way of avoiding to use the space before the number?

I am using X4 on a Mac 10.5.8 and Word 2008 12.2.8

Thank you in advance,


Most of us would type in various cited pages as they vary from foot note to footnote, in the footnote itself, rather than trying to get it inserted via an endnote field?

It would help if you attached your style to the message, so we can look at the entries directly. 

Thank you Leanne,

It works out the way you suggested, i.e. entering numbers directly in the footnote,