How to get research report number to carry over onto Word?

I entered a reference into Endnote and made Reference Type “Report”.  I typed into the “Report Number” section:

Study Report 2008-01. However, when I try to import into word, the report number doesn’t show up at all. All I get is this:

Abbe, A., Gulick, L. M. V., & Herman, J. L. (2007). Cross-cultural competence in Army leaders: A conceptual and empirical foundation: US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Arlington, VA.

This is obviously not the correct format for a research report, but don’t know how to get it any other way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

They way a specific reference type is exported to word critically depends on its inclusion in the Output Style selected in the manuscript.  Many of the styles do not specify a specific template for each of the many reference types available.  If a specific template is not specified in the Bibliography or footnote template, then the “generic” template is used, which is rarely the output one wants or expects. The output style needs to be edited to reflect the correct components.  So if you want to, you can explore the “edit Output style” capabilities of Endnote, or you can define exactly what fields you want to show in what order and attach your current output style (or tell us what it is, if it is downloaded or a default template) and one of the more experience users here - (or tech support if they jump in) can help you modify the style for your specific needs.