'Report' citation doesn't format well

I tried to cite a report and it came out incorrectly. This is how it came out:

Rajagopalan, V. Status of Seweage Treatment In India. 101 (Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, India, 2005).

I tried to edit the style and it looks no different from the journal format which comes out correctly with date after the author. However report doesn't. I have copied the format for Report below. Any help would be appreciated as I have this problem with other not so conventional citations.

Author. Title. `Report No.` Report Number|, Pages (|Institution|, Place Published|, Year|)|.

Please attach your output style here (when you reply, browse from the "Attachments, choose File box below the text entry box).  

And show an example of exactly how you do want the report to be.  

could you tell me how to save the output style?

Form the endnote program, choose File> Save As (in Windows) and give it a new name.  

Then ensure you change to the new style  in the word document you are working on.  How you do that depends on the version of Word, the Version of Endnote and the operating system you use.