problems after switching instant formatting off and on

Hi all,

I am near to submitting my PhD and experienceing problems with Endnote. I really hope someone can help with this as I am already stressed and it’s driving me nuts!

Endnote has always been quite slow. A friend recommended switching the instant formatting option off, which should speed things up. I did this, but after switching instant foramtting back on again, Endnote did not turn all citations back into the APA format. It seems like it doesn’t recognise some of the unformatted citations anymore, and therefore does not turn it back to APA when instant formatting is switched on.

I am now inserting all these unformatted citations back in again, but this is taking ages as Endnote is very slow (it is a 100,000 word document with a lot of citations). Is there another solution to this, because this is going to take me ages?



Are they all curly brackets, or did you accidentally “remove” citations, rather than unformat?  If curly brakets they should reformat fine.  On a copy If you removed them accidentally, you could try replacing the open and close parentheses by curley brackets and removing all “et als” and see if Endnote can “find” the matches and let you choose the correct ref.You will manually need to find the two author ones and switch them to just a single author.  You want to try to get it to a {Author, Year} look-a-like, so endnote finds it. 

When (and if) you unformated correctly, did you also try to unlink fields on the curly bracketed unformated version, as there may be a corrupt citation that is slowing things down.  Follow these instructions, even though the phenotype is different.

Finally, turn off the hyperlink option, if you are using a new version of endnote, as I find that slows things down in a long, multi-refed document.