Import from Litlink to EndNoteWeb


I have used the Litlink Reference Managing Programme but would love to switch  to Endnoteweb.

However, I have no idea how to export data from Litlink to Endnoteweb. Litlink is based on FileMaker but that does not seem to make it easier.  Especially important to me woud be the possibility to import excerpts saved in litlink.

Anyone know how to work this out?

Thanks so much in advance. sl 


Does Litlink permit exporting data as a delimited file? If so, it might be possible to first import the delimited file into EndNote (desktop) then transfer the references to EndNote Web.

If Litlink is able to export data, you can test importing the data into EndNote. There’s a  free trial version of EndNote which runs for 30 days  I don’t know if the trial includes access to EndNote Web (maybe not)  but if you’re able to import the Litlink data file into EndNote (desktop) then you’ll be able to transfer those EndNote references into EndNote Web.

To access the EndNote manual for information on importing and tranferring references from EndNote to EndNote Web either download a pdf copy at: or go to the “Help” feature in the EndNote toolbar.

I really don’t know what a delimited file is. But I’ll try and find out. 

Thanks for the reply 

Can LitLink export data and if so, in what formats?  For example as a RIS text output?  I can’t read Swiss German!  “tab” deliminted means to out put the data in columns separated by tabs. 

An old thread here lists some links to importing from Filemaker and Excel:  Not sure if still relevent.

A delimited file means that the data values (fields) are saved as a text file (.txt) where the data has been separated by some “marker” (e.g., commas, tabs, etc.). These markers enable importing the data file in a format which can be read by a different program.

So for example, if Litlink is able to export data into delimited file format, the resultiing .txt file could be imported into EndNote. Depending upon how Litlink exports data, further manipulation of the data might be needed before it can be smoothly imported into EndNote.