In text citation issue

Hi, when work with a long document and insert from Endnote online, the in-text citation appears like this and the reference does not come in the bibliography.

{Rydström, 2016, Vietnam Women’s Union and the Politics of Representation: Hegemonic Solidarity and a Heterosexual Family Regime}

The issue does not happen with a new document.

In the EndNote tab, Preferences, select “application”. Choose the option for EndNote" rather than EndNote online. Click Ok.

Check the Menu option for Instant Formatting. I’m guessing that it’s currently set to “off”. If so, set it to “on”.

Now go back to preferences > Application and select “EndNote online” and try another reference.

Did that work?



Update my previous post:

This behaviour appears to happen on a Mac. Windows does not show the same thing (at least on my computers).



Hi Steve,

Yes, it is off. But when I switched to on, it appeared like in the photo. I went to Endnote Online and the same thing happned and I found that it was still off when I switched off Endnote Online again. I am using Windows.


Hi Steve,

And this poped up in the screen when I inserted a reference. when I turned off Endnote Online, the Instant formatting is Off again. I does not happen with a new doument.

When you see these (!!! Invalid Citation !!!) items in the document, this means that something has damaged the background EndNote field code for this item in the document.  This generally occurs when the document has been opened by a Non-Microsoft Word word processor.

Opening a Word document in a different word processor is invariably going to strip, or damage the Word specific field codes behind the EndNote citations, which will cause this problem.

The two solutions to the issue are to reinsert the citations into the document using EndNote, replacing the (!!! Invalid Citation !!!)s with good replacement citations.

The other option would be to restore a backup version of the document prior to when this issue occurred.

You may also want to use the following steps:

If you continue to have trouble then please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


is it always a citation in a parenthetic context?  I think the invalid citation is something it thinks is in front of your citation?   

To get what you want, you should be using this syntax  

unformatted it should look like this  {Fernando cited in \Faraizi, 2011, title} 

To generate this temp citation automatically using endnote tools, edit the formated citation > more…  and put your text prefix in the box (with a trailing space).  

you should get the correct output formated as (Fernando cited in Faraizi et al, 2011)

– does that work for you?