in text citations...for a course syllabus

Endnote Gurus: I am creating course syllabi, and would like to use Endnote X to populate them with the readings to be assigned. No need for a biblio. Can Endnote do this easily?

Hello, notetaker:

EndNote will always create a bibliography by default. However, if you do not want one to appear, you can always remove it once you’re done.

Wait until you are completely done working on your paper. Then, use the Tools>EndNote>Remove Field Codes command. You will be prompted to save a new copy of the document. Save this and also your original somewhere safe, and then edit your references manually as needed.

**PLEASE NOTE** Removal of the field codes will permanently break the “link” between EndNote and the current copy of the paper. If after removing field codes you need to further edit your references using your EndNote program, you will need to return to your original copy of your paper with the field codes intact.

I am trying to do the same thing.  When I insert citations in my Word document, I see the temporary citations (e.g., {Borden, 1910 #1808}). However, when I format the bibliography, the temporary citations disappear from the text.  What am I doing wrong?  I’d appreciate guidance on getting them to stay where I want them.

It sounds like you have selected a footnote style, such as Chicago 15A.

You need a style that supports in-text citations, such as Chicago 15B, or APA5th.

I used to make syllabi using Endnote a few years back and had no trouble.  But lately I have not been able to do it (I’m using Endnote for Mac X4.0.2.)  I tried the suggestion listed here and used Chicago 15B.  But Chicago 15B only puts in Author Year into the text.  I need a full citation with title, publisher, etc., like you find in a footnote.  I tried pasting the bibliography template material for a book into the citation spot in 15B, but it gave me very clunky output:

Andrea. Timor leste: politics, history, and culture (hardback)(series: routledge contemporary southeast asia series). Translated by Translator. Edited by Series Editor, Series Timor leste: politics, history, and culture (hardback)(series: routledge contemporary southeast asia series). City.

It did no formatting, and it put in field names like "city.  And of course it won’t distinguish between a book and an article.  I wonder if anyone can give me tips about how to put a full citation into the middle of the document text in Word in order make a syllabus.

How about using the “Chicago B Sections” output style in conjunction with MS Word’s page “Sections” capability?  The Chicago B Sections provides a complete bibliography - just delete the citation template (modified style is attached).

For information on using Word’s sections capability, see this thread discussion.  Using Word’s page sections in conjunction with a modified Chicago B Sections style enables maintaining multiple reference lists within the same document.  While the thread discussion focuses on develping a hierarchical list the procedure is applicable for listing references in a course syllabus.

Chicago 15th B (sections)_onlyBiblio.ens (22.3 KB)

As a quick alternative, you can always set a style in Endnote that has a bibliography template you like and use ctrl K to “copy formated” references to your syllabus. 

Thank you so much.  Your directions and the link to the material on sections did the trick.