In-text citations with NLM style

I need to use NLM style and I added an in-text citation from a reference with 3 authors. I inserted with the menu "insert & display as: author(date).

Normally with NLM style, a citation with more than 2 authors should show as following:

Antonini et al. [1] mentionned…

But with Endnote, if I choose NLM style it shows 2 authors out of three.

Antonini, Galhano[1] mentionned…

The paper has 3 authors.

[1] Antonini, Galhano, Varesi, Paper name, xxxx, 2000 »

Why does Endnote not show Antonini et al. ?

As set up, NLM has the citation author lists set as if 3 or more, list 2 in both first and subsequent settings.  (see image).  you would need to change the two to a one in both spots, save as a new style and use that style in your word ribbon.  You also need to add the et al. text to each (as shown in image and attached modified style).    

I made the changes (and also changed the bibliography number to be in square brackets rather than parentheses, since that was what you showed and it was different in my NLM.  

NLM (1authoretal).ens (43.2 KB)

Thank you very much for sharing your solution !