"Indirect Source" formatting (citation within citation) unclear

What is the correct citation format to use when quoting one source within another source?

I read the post by “Leanne’” about this topic, which suggested this format as an example: {Bloggs, 2000 #2595; quoted in \Silf, 2005 #32}, but this will leave a semicolon between the two sources and when I tried it, the text “quoted in” didn’t appear in the formatted citation. Also, the indirect source does not appear as a quoted source in the formatted bibliography. According to Chicago Style, which is what I use, the note and bibliography should appear as follows below.

Can EndNote handle this??

Chicago Style instructions for citing indirect sources:

N     6. J. Frank Dobie, Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest (Austin: University of
Texas Press, 1943), 50-51, quoted in David Dary, The Santa Fe Trail; Its History, Legends,
and Lore (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000), 311.

B     Dobie, J. Frank. Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, 50-51. Austin:
University of Texas Press, 1943. Quoted in David Dary, The Santa Fe Trail; Its
History, Legends, and Lore (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2000), 311.

Leanne’s posting was referring to author-date styles, like Harvard or APA.

If you are using a footnote style, I think the best option is to insert the original reference in the footnote. Then type in the footnote: ", quoted in " and insert the citing reference. The only problem is that you will get a full stop after the first reference. You can edit the Chicago 15A style in EndNote to remove the full stop at the end of the references in the footnotes, but this can create a few other problems (I think, for example, you would get some redundant spaces before page numbers in repeat citations). 

Using the above procedure, you will get two references in the bibliography, one for each source. For the original source, you could insert text into a custom field in the reference in your library containing the full note: Quoted in John Smith, etc. Then you would have to edit the output style to add that field at the end of references in the bibliography.

EndNote has never coped well with footnote styles. I wish Thomson would put some work into improving this, but I guess the problems are too complex and the market too small.

Thank you, John! Your suggestions make good sense. I’ll give them a try. Right now I have the original source listed in plain text before the citation of secondary source in my footnote. If I can’t figure out how to customize my fields and edit the output style, I suppose I will just have to edit the bibliography manually, alas.

Thanks again,