Inserting Citations, instant formatting, collecting in-text citations


when I insert a new citation it takes extremely long until endnote has collected all in-text citations, updated all bibliographies etc. This gets worse according to the size of my document.

When I switch off instant formatting, however, endnote just inserts the “field code” in brackets without formatting. This in theory solves my problem. But when I want to add a page or suffix I need to update the fields again which the takes a long time again.

Is there a setting which allows to insert a new citation, which is formatted, i.e. it is possible to add pages and suffixes, but leaves the rest of the document untouched?

I’m using endnote x5 and word 2011 for mac.

Thanks in advance!


once you learn what an unformatted citation looks, you can easily add your suffix/page numbers without going thru the edit citation steps.  some examples

{for review see<space>\Manzanares, 2001 #103<comma><space>suffix text}  or {and for cited pages \Kwan, 2001 #94@4-5}