X4/word 2010 and field shading / turn off auto-hyperlinks


I like to keep my citations shaded using the field shading/always option in word, but word removes that shading when the citations are hyperlinks.

If anythone can help with either

  1. turn off the auto-hyperlink in X4/word 2010.

  2. turn off hyperlink formatting that removes field shaing in Word 2010

thank would be a great help!



You can turn off the hyperlink feature in the format bibliography window dialog box at the bottom. 

(at least that is where it is for Word 2003)/


Thanks, I thought it had to be simple!

It would also be helpful if this came up in the Help when searching for “hyperlink”.


This is a good suggestion that I just added to our master bug database. We are working on a free upgrade patch for EndNote X4 for sometime this Fall and I will try to get this added to the help system.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Hi Jason,

We will be rolling out version X4 on campus soon and we were wondering what problems the patch fixes.

Many thanks,